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A Coeducational School | Early Learners to Third Grade
Teaching & Learning

Third Grade

Beauvoir admits children into third grade on a space-available basis.There are four third grade classrooms with approximately 21 students and two teachers in each room.

The Third Grade Program

The final year at Beauvoir is an exciting one as third grade students take on the relished role of being the oldest students in the school. In third grade, children experience new leadership opportunities while continuing to build on the essential academic skills, social foundations and wonderful memories they have gained in the previous grades. In third grade, teachers emphasize the importance of reflection and knowing oneself as a learner and as a person. Students are provided ample opportunities and methods for reflection, such as journaling, mindfulness and classroom sharing. Third grade students at Beauvoir gain independence while exploring their place in, and impact on, the greater community and world around them.
The third grade curriculum focuses on guiding children in developing the confidence, competence and flexibility needed to be successful in their life after Beauvoir–as artists, athletes, scientists, musicians, linguists, learners and friends. It captures students’ energy and imagination, and focuses attention on gaining capacity with, and mastery of, academic and life skills. An interdisciplinary curriculum combined with a variety of instructional delivery methods and dedication to knowing each child prepares our students to be successful learners for life.

Language Arts

Language Arts in the third grade further integrates the language components of listening, speaking, writing and reading, and incorporates them into other subject areas. A literature-based reading program encourages children to read for meaning, information and pleasure. Basic language skills are strengthened so that communication can be increasingly effective. Library work is an important component of the third grade in supporting children’s investigation of literature. Research is a critical aspect of students’ learning in many courses and the library is central in this effort. Beauvoir children learn to be increasingly independent in their studies, enjoying books on their own and pursuing a wide range of topics. The library is a focal point in Beauvoir’s integrated and child-centered curriculum, woven together with technology to encourage digital literacy as well.


Mathematics in the third grade expands on children’s abilities to make connections between the classroom and the world outside of school. Students increasingly explore more complex mathematical concepts and relationships. They also practice communicating, both orally and in writing, an understanding of numbers, variables, functions, data, geometry, measurement, and probability.

Social Studies

As part of social studies, Third Graders dive into investigatory learning about citizenship in a democratic society and the complexity of historical events that have led to present times. Washington, DC provides an exciting, rich base for much of the third grade program. In a focused, year-long study of Washington, children learn about the history of their community, investigate the planning and establishment of the nation’s capital and carry out individual projects about the city. Students use mapping skills to locate and identify countries, geographical areas and regions throughout the world.


The tools of technology become an integral aspect of a third grader’s life. Benefitting from a 1-1 iPad program, students use technology across the curriculum. Children contribute to ongoing projects through their use of programs, such as PowerPoint, and learn to operate and take pictures with different media. Students use technology to publish stories and other forms of writing. Students work cooperatively in developing research projects using the Internet as a resource tool, while learning how to be respectful and responsible digital citizens.

Chapels and Service Projects

The oldest students at Beauvoir, third graders are proud of their role as models for our younger children. They take on increased responsibility for chapels throughout the school year and help their schoolmates both academically and socially throughout the year. For example, they work on learning activities with their Beauvoir Buddies in the first grade. Third graders reach out beyond Beauvoir with service projects, such as organizing and delivering toys and books to local day care centers.
The year culminates as they complete a yearbook, participate in Fun Day and finally dance the traditional Maypole in the Great Crossing of the Cathedral.

Our Third Grade Team

List of 10 members.

  • Photo of Gabe Brown

    Gabe Brown 

    Partner Teacher, Third Grade
  • Photo of Jazmine Jackson

    Jazmine Jackson 

    Partner Teacher, Third Grade
  • Photo of Imani Marcus

    Imani Marcus 

  • Photo of Courteney  Simchak

    Courteney  Simchak 

    Assistant Head of School for Student and Academic Affairs
  • Photo of Megan Chounoune

    Megan "Megan" Chounoune 

    Head of Upper Years, Second and Third Grades
  • Photo of Jeremy Canter

    Jeremy Canter 

    Partner Teacher, Third Grade
  • Photo of Madeleine Fromell

    Madeleine "Maddie" Fromell 

    Partner Teacher, Third Grade
  • Photo of Jessica Gillespie

    Jessica Gillespie  

    Partner Teacher, Third Grade
  • Photo of Carolyn Hammonds

    Carolyn Hammonds 

    Partner Teacher, Third Grade
  • Photo of Carissa Youse

    Carissa Youse 

    Partner Teacher, Third Grade
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At Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School, we provide an extraordinary early childhood education in a diverse community that values every individual. Beauvoir’s program encourages creative, courageous learners and builds an enduring foundation for a lifelong spirit of inquiry and joy in learning.
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