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The Beauvoir Difference

The Beauvoir Difference

Beauvoir is French for “beautiful view.” We hold a beautiful view of childhood and believe that children thrive when they are engaged, excited and motivated by a beautiful view of learning.

At Beauvoir, every student is known, valued, nurtured, and challenged. Our program celebrates the whole child, values relationships, provides vigorous learning opportunities, encourages a positive sense of self, and promotes joyful learning.

Only Found at Beauvoir

An Early Learning Center through third-grade elementary school, Beauvoir focuses exclusively on the early childhood and early elementary years. All curricular goals, projects, and community decisions, as well as the scale of the classrooms and Beauvoir’s outdoor learning spaces, are designed specifically for children under the age of 10 years. In addition to our dedicated expertise in early childhood education, the following is a sample of what can be found only at Beauvoir:

The Cathedral Close

Beauvoir shares the Cathedral Close campus with National Cathedral School and St. Albans School (both grades 4-12). The Cathedral Close campus, developed by Fredrick Law Olmsted Jr.,  provides 57 acres of outdoor learning space. Students at the three schools share in the rich life of the Washington National Cathedral community. The Cathedral’s mission as “a house of prayer for all people” informs Beauvoir’s view of life and learning, which values differences, recognizes commonality, respects all faiths and cultures, and appreciates the complexity of the world in which we live. 

The Life Rules

Beauvoir’s social curriculum revolves around our Life Rules of kindness, respect, responsibility, and honesty. The Life Rules are modeled and reinforced in daily class discussions and reflected in all-school community meetings, assemblies, and chapel programs. Values are discussed with parents at workshops and actively shared through school-wide service projects, chapels, and classroom activities.

Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging 

Beauvoir is a community of learners and educators who value and are committed to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. Beauvoir values and respects individuals of all faiths; family structures; sexual orientations; gender identities; abilities; and racial, ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds. We value the range of experiences that weave together to create the fabric of our school and believe that our diversity fosters a strong community, where all voices are valued, and we can learn from one another.

Beauvoir has a full-time Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) who promotes the School’s vision, leadership, management, and strategic planning for DEIB initiatives that align with the school’s strategic goals; and shares best practices for enhancing inclusive excellence, engagement, and cultural proficiency at Beauvoir in all learning spaces and offices.

The Beauvoir Community

Beauvoir’s community extends beyond our classrooms, and includes parents, grandparents, family members, caregivers, and alumni. These community members are an essential part of school life and their active involvement encourages a school culture of partnership and trust.

Beauvoir offers a warm and welcoming environment and there are many opportunities for parents and caregivers to become involved in the life of the school. Every month parents and caregivers join us for chapel services and community meetings. Throughout the year parents and caregivers participate in classroom and school wide volunteer opportunities, parent education events, social gatherings, and school celebrations.

Beauvoir Outdoors

Beauvoir’s outdoor spaces offer a learning environment full of wonder, discovery, and exploration. Designed to meet the play and learning needs of children from infancy through the late elementary years, Beauvoir’s curriculum extends to outdoor spaces across the Cathedral Close.

From the Children’s Garden and Olmsted Woods to the Bishop’s Garden and our renowned playground, our students spend valuable time outdoors each and every day. 

An Enriched Curriculum

Beauvoir teachers are leaders and innovators in the world of early childhood and elementary education. They see students as individuals having vast potential and distinctive talents, and they design the curriculum with the strength of this belief in mind.

At Beauvoir, themes and topics are integrated across different curricular areas and teachers strive to present new ideas that build on concepts familiar to students, while encouraging them to stretch and grow in their educational experiences.

Global Studies

Each year, all Beauvoir students engage in Global Studies, an integrated exploration of countries from one of the following geographical regions: Africa, Central and South America, Asia, Europe, or North America.

Students graduate with a global mindedness, understanding, and appreciation of people and cultures across the world.

Past Regions of Study

Region of Study: South America
Focus: Costa Rica (ELC), Ecuador (Pre-Kindergarten), Peru (Kindergarten), Belize (First Grade), Chile (Second Grade), Brazil (Third Grade)

Region of Study: Africa
Focus: Madagascar (ELC), Egypt (Pre-Kindergarten), Kenya (Kindergarten), Ethiopia (First Grade), Egypt/Nile (Second Grade), Morocco (Third Grade)

Region of Study: North America
Focus: Washington, DC (ELC), Smoky Mountains (Pre-Kindergarten), Hawaii (Kindergarten), Canada (First Grade), Colorado (Second Grade), Washington, DC (Third Grade)

Region of Study: Europe
Focus: Italy (ELC), Greece (Pre-Kindergarten), Finland (Kindergarten), Spain (First Grade), Netherlands (Second Grade), France (Third Grade)

Region of Study: Asia
Focus: Vietnam (ELC), Japan (Pre-Kindergarten), Australia (Kindergarten), Turkey(First Grade), Rivers of India (Second Grade), India (Third Grade)
Region of Study: South America
Focus: Argentina (Pre-Kindergarten), Chile (Kindergarten), Peru (First Grade), Brazil (Second Grade), Ecuador (Third Grade)


Region of Study: Africa
Focus: Kenya (Pre-Kindergarten), Madagascar (Kindergarten), Morocco (First Grade), Nile River (Second Grade), South Africa (Third Grade)


Region of Study: North America
Focus: Hawaii (Pre-Kindergarten), Pacific Northwest (Kindergarten), Mexico, with a focus on cathedrals (First Grade), Colorado River and its bordering states, with a focus on water studies (Second Grade), Washington, DC, with a focus on bridges (Third Grade)


Region of Study: Europe
Focus: Spain (Pre-Kindergarten), The Alps (Kindergarten), Italy with a focus on Cathedrals (First Grade), the Netherlands with an emphasis on rivers (Second Grade), Capital Cities of Eastern Europe (Third Grade)

Region of Study: Asia
Focus: India (Pre-Kindergarten),  China (Kindergarten), Indonesia (First Grade), Japan (Second Grade), Turkey (Third Grade)

Region of Study:  South America
Focus:  Brazil (Pre-Kindergarten), Panama (Kindergarten), Chile (First Grade),  Peru (Second Grade), Argentina (Third Grade), Costa Rica (ABC)
Region of Study: Africa
Focus: Cameroon (Pre-Kindergarten), South Africa (Kindergarten), Madagascar, Mauritius, Seychelles (First Grade), Egypt (Second Grade), Ghana (Third Grade), Kenya (ABC)

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