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Pre-Kindergarten students are actively, joyfully and constantly engaged in making meaning of the world around them. Beauvoir teachers intentionally create classroom communities and cultures that support children’s intellectual, social and emotional growth. Our teachers do so guided by Beauvoir’s core values of childhood, collaboration, creativity, curiosity and courage.


In pre-kindergarten, students participate in meaningful projects that allow them to develop, investigate, and answer questions using primary sources, including their own powers of observation. Their innate curiosity is nurtured and valued as an important driving force in the learning process.

Teachers choose subjects for projects that are engaging to young students, are able to be studied first-hand, and with which students already possess some background knowledge. Within these parameters, students learn how to learn and how to be active participants in the ongoing sense-making process.

Pre-Kindergarten Program


There are many positive outcomes from our decision to send our child to Beauvoir. Among them are the welcoming environment, notes from teachers on what our children are exploring in the classroom along with pictures of daily happenings. Most importantly, our daughter has come home with a joy and excitement for learning that is palpable!

—Current Beauvoir Parent

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Our Pre-Kindergarten Team


Dawne Miner Baggett

Partner Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten


Louis Berman

Partner Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten


Elizabeth King

Partner Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten


Mayana McDavid

Partner Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten

Parker_Deirdre Deirdre Parker

Deirdre Parker

Partner Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten

Williams_Colleen Colleen Williams

Colleen Williams

Head of Early Years, ELC and Pre-Kindergarten


Jordan Wright

Partner Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten

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