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Building Character

At Beauvoir, experts in early childhood education cultivate an environment that inspires creativity, encourages imagination, and shapes leaders.

Beauvoir’s educators know that the early years of a child’s life are a crucial opportunity for cognitive, social, and emotional development. With a curriculum that focuses on social and emotional learning in addition to exemplary academics, our students build character alongside knowledge. The result is a school environment that creates lifelong learners and dedicated citizens of the world.

As an Episcopal school, we value a diverse and inclusive community. We welcome students and families from all faiths and backgrounds and celebrate our individual stories and collective experiences. As citizens of the world, we dedicate ourselves to serving others and strive to contribute to the greater good. Our Core Values guide every step of our learning process, encouraging students to explore bravely and learn together.

Building Character

Our Core Values:


We value a “beautiful view” of childhood and its extraordinary capacity for wonder, learning, and discovery. We inspire a sense of possibility in every interaction and experience at Beauvoir.


We value working together as an authentic and inclusive community to imagine, to create, to solve problems, and to support each other in all that we do.


We value creativity in learning, action, and problem solving and empower our community of faculty, staff, parents, and students to explore, develop, and celebrate creative problem-solving.


We value curiosity as an essential component of inspired learning. We model and encourage curiosity for all in our community. We understand that making mistakes is a valuable part of the learning processes and celebrate “wild ideas” that lead our students to making discoveries.


We value the courageous spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, challenge, and confusion. We empower learners to engage in the world with brave resilience.

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