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Fundraising Committees

The ScholarshipBenefit, a beloved community event held at the Washington National Cathedral, is the PA’s largest fundraising event of the year.

All event proceeds benefit the Beauvoir Scholarship Fund.

From September until the night of the big event there are numerous ways to get involved, including volunteering to solicit local businesses for donations, helping with class art projects, drafting item descriptions, assisting with decorations and event set-up, and much more.

The Book Fair is a three-day event that offers the community an opportunity to peruse and purchase from a phenomenal selection of children’s literature, handpicked for Beauvoir’s readers.

During the Book Fair, families may also support Beauvoir’s Library by purchasing and dedicating books that have been selected by Beauvoir’s librarians for its collection.

Many volunteers are needed to assist in setting up and restocking the Book Fair, as well as working as cashiers and selection volunteers.

The Cathedral Flower Mart is a two-day festival on the Cathedral grounds held on the first Friday and Saturday of each May. Volunteers are needed to help the committee organize and run the children’s games during Flower Mart, and to sell tickets for the games and children’s rides.

All of Flower Mart’s proceeds go to All Hallows Guild, the non-profit entity that maintains and beautifies the Cathedral Close’s gardens and grounds.

The Logo Committee designs, orders, and sells Beauvoir logo items to the community. Volunteers help to sell Beauvoir logo at least twice a year, in the fall and spring.

Service Committees

Volunteers assist Beauvoir’s art teachers in preparing materials for use in class as well as helping with student art displays around the school.

Art aide volunteers should plan to attend an introductory meeting at the beginning of the year at which they will choose a regular, monthly volunteer slot.

The Community Service Committee, in collaboration with faculty and staff, plans and coordinates service projects throughout the year that are age-appropriate for Beauvoir’s students. Annual community service activities and projects include:

  • Beauvoir Cathedral Walk and Picnic: Committee members plan and staff this wonderful event for all Beauvoir families, which supports the Washington National Cathedral Restoration Fund.
  • Halloween Candy Drive: The committee collects Halloween candy in early November to donate to troops abroad.
  • Giving Tree: During the holiday season, the committee collects winter basics, such as hats, mittens, and gloves, and delivers them to local charitable organizations

Every May, parents work together to celebrate Beauvoir’s faculty and staff during a special appreciation day. Volunteers are needed to create floral arrangements, assist at a special lunch, and put together a candy bar in the Faculty Lounge.

Garden aide volunteers help to tend the Beauvoir Garden under the direction of the Cathedral’s horticulturalists, and work with Beauvoir’s Director of Dining Services to organize fun, family events in the garden.

Examples of past garden events include harvesting and planting vegetables, installing row covers in late fall, and painting birdhouses and signs for the children’s garden.

Kaleidoscope is a committee that affirms and supports the Beauvoir community in conversations related to diversity and inclusion. Kaleidoscope organizes and plans school-wide events during the school year that feature guest speakers and provides opportunities for parents to connect across differences.

All parents are welcome and encouraged to support Kaleidoscope’s programming as volunteers and active participants.

Library aides assist Beauvoir’s librarians in keeping the Library updated and organized. Tasks include checking in books, organizing and shelving books, and plastic wrapping new additions to the Library’s collection.

This PA committee researches, plans, and organizes school-wide events related to parenting and early childhood education. Events may include guest speakers and smaller gatherings for parents to connect and discuss parenting and education issues.

Volunteers on Beauvoir’s photo days assist faculty and staff in organizing students and ensuring that they look their best for photographs.

Room Helpers assist teachers in each class to help organize activities throughout the school year including class parties, a class auction art project, volunteers for class trips, and other special activities and projects as needed.

Each classroom typically has at least two room helpers, who communicate at least once monthly to parents about upcoming classroom and school events.

The Sunshine Committee confidentially provides meals and other support to Beauvoir families, faculty, and staff experiencing a crisis, such as an extended illness or death of a family member.

The committee also assists with planning playdates for families in need and showing other signs of support.

The Third Grade Events Committee compiles the third grade yearbook and organizes several parentrun activities for third graders including the End of Year Pool Party at the Beauvoir Pool and Third Grade Fun Day.

A great many parent volunteers are needed to ensure that these events and the yearbook are a success for Beauvoir’s graduating class.

Welcome Committee members work with Admissions to welcome new families to Beauvoir by hosting new family playdates and coffees.

Committee members also provide information about school and community events to new families and are available to talk and meet with these families at any time during the year.