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About Summer Camp

About Summer Camp

Being established in the early 1940s, camp at Beauvoir has a long history. Our campus, buildings, and programs may have been updated since the 1940s, but happy experiences and memories are still what’s important.

Exploring, trying new things, and being good citizens will always be part of our values. We also look to Beauvoir’s school mission as we continue to evaluate and grow our programs in order to provide an exceptional experience for our campers, families, and staff.

Beauvoir’s Mission

At Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School, we provide an extraordinary early childhood education in a diverse community that values every individual. Beauvoir’s program encourages creative, courageous learners and builds an enduring foundation for a lifelong spirit of inquiry and joy in learning.

Beauvoir Summer is proud of our warm and welcoming environment. Here is what families are saying…

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