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Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Our faculty’s early childhood expertise ensures a dynamic and meaningful educational experience for our students. Faculty members include classroom teachers, specialists, learning resource teachers, librarians, nurses, a chaplain, and a school counselor, with an overall student-faculty ratio of 6:1.

Beauvoir is committed to hiring a diverse faculty and staff; 11 percent of the faculty and staff are male and 39 percent bring racial and ethnic diversity. A total of 75 percent of our partner teachers and specialists have or are currently pursuing advanced degrees, including six who hold completed doctorates.

A comprehensive professional development program supports educators’ commitment to professional growth. Teachers attend and lead conferences on a range of topics including inclusive pedagogy, literacy and guided reading, mathematics, technology integration, mindfulness, and social-emotional learning.

Each year, faculty members are awarded travel grants to pursue studies in international and domestic locations in support of Beauvoir’s Global Studies curriculum

Our Staff

Beauvoir School students

Salma Agha

Assistant to Director of Admissions


Gregg Albright

Physical Education Teacher


Sara Alipanah

Performing Arts Teacher


Liane Alves

Partner Teacher, First Grade


Dawne Miner Baggett

Partner Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten


Lisa Barrowclough


beauvoir staff photo

Josefa Beras-Reyes

Partner Teacher, ELC


Louis Berman

Partner Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten

Bliss_MaryAnn Mary Ann Bliss

Mary Ann Bliss

Director of Academic Technology

beauvoir staff photo

Michelle Blowe

AP and Office Manager


John Bozek

Registrar, Data and Information Manager

Brown_Gabe Gabe Brown

Gabe Brown

Partner Teacher, Third Grade

Burke_Maura Maura Burke

Maura Burke

Learning Resources Specialist


Jeremy Canter

Partner Teacher, Third Grade


Jenn Cayemite

Math Coach

Chounoune_Megan Megan Chounoune

Megan Chounoune

Head of Upper Years, Second and Third Grades

Coyne_Abigail Abigail Coyne

Abigail Coyne

Assistant Director of Advancement


Kaneia Crumlin

Partner Teacher, Second Grade

Davis_Kate kate davis

Kate Davis

Head of Middle Years, Kindergarten and First Grade

Desaulniers_Anne Marie Anne Marie Desaulniers

Anne Marie Desaulniers

Director of Learning Resources

Doerfler King_Rosaleen Rosaleen Doerfler-King

Rosaleen Doerfler-King

Mathematics Coach

Eno_Allyson Allyson Eno

Allyson Eno

Literacy Coach/Learning Resource Specialist

beauvoir staff photo Jessica Espinosa

Jessica Espinosa

Spanish Teacher

Ryann Fapohunda

Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging


Lynn Farquhar

Partner Teacher, Kindergarten

Fromell_Madeleine Maddie Fromell

Maddie Fromell

Partner Teacher, Third Grade

Gibbs Wilborn_Cindi Cindi Gibbs_Wilborn_Elementary

Cindi Gibbs-Wilborn

Head of School

Gilcrest_Lisa Lisa Gilcrest

Lisa Gilcrest

Director of Communications and Marketing

Gillespie_Jessica Jess Gillespie

Jessica Gillespie

Partner Teacher, Third Grade

Gruby_Marlana Marlana Gruby

Marlana Gruby

Partner Teacher, Kindergarten


Tamira Guevara

Associate Director of Auxiliary Programs


Jennifer Halsey

Partner Teacher, ELC

Hammonds_Carolyn Carolyn Hammonds

Carolyn Hammonds

Partner Teacher, Third Grade

Hartigan_Margaret Margaret Hartigan

Margaret Hartigan

Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Hay_Kaitlyn Kaitlyn Hay

Kaitlyn Hay

Visual Arts Teacher

beauvoir staff photo

Kate Heffernan

Partner Teacher, ELC

Heim_Maryann Maryann Heim

Maryann Heim

Math Specialist


Steve Herman

Director of Technology


José Hernandez

Facilities Manager

beauvoir staff photo

Jose Hernandez-Martinez

Facilities Team member


Erika Higley

Chief Finance and Operations Officer

Hillon_July July Hillon

July Hillón

Partner Teacher, Kindergarten


Jazmine Jackson

Partner Teacher, Third Grade

Jaclyn Jeffery

Jacki Jeffery

Partner Teacher, First Grade

Geoff Johnson

Director of Institutional Advancement


Twanda Johnson

School Administrative Assistant


Holly Joyner

Director of Guidance

Katz_Emily Emily-Katz

Emily Katz

Third Grade Partner Teacher

Kellam_Aya Aya Kellam

Aya Kellam

Partner Teacher, Kindergarten


Elizabeth King

Partner Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten


Janet Konnick

Partner Teacher, ELC


Maria Kurt

Partner Teacher, Second Grade


Hannah LaBella

Partner Teacher, Second Grade

Lago_Melanie Melanie LAgo

Melanie Lago

Partner Teacher, 2nd Grade


Jeannie Lorenz

Partner Teacher, ELC

Maaia_Nicole Nicole Maaia

Nicole Maaia

Partner Teacher, First Grade

Mackay_Anne Anne Mackay

Anne Mackay

Literacy Coach

Drew Mackay

Drew Mackay

Director of Auxiliary Programs

Helen Macsherry

Executive Assistant to the Head of School

McAbee_Meredith Meredith McAbee

Meredith McAbee

Partner Teacher, Second Grade


Mayana McDavid

Partner Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten

Grey McIntosh

Interim Assistant Director of Admissions


Amalia Mendoza

Partner Teacher, ELC and Auxiliary Coordinator


Brian Miller

Helpdesk Support Technician

Osorio_Lisette Lisette Osorio

Lisette Osorio

Learning Resources Specialist

Parker_Deirdre Deirdre Parker

Deirdre Parker

Partner Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten


Lauren Pate

Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid


Saijal Patel

Partner Teacher, Kindergarten

Peters_Chanelle Chanelle Peters

Chanelle Peters

Partner Teacher, First Grade

Kate Pettit

Partner Teacher, First Grade


Sandy Revelo



Monika Rhodes

Associate Director of Advancement


Erin Riley

Performing Arts Teacher

Marci Robles

Assistant Director of Communications and Marketing


Martha Robles

Director of Human Resources


Tejal Shah

Partner Teacher, Kindergarten

Simchak_Courteney Courteney Coyne Simchak

Courteney Simchak

Assistant Head of School for Student and Academic Affairs

Suzich_Debra_ Debra Suzich

Debra Suzich

Learning Resource Specialist

Kya Sykes

Auxiliary Coordinator

Tanner_Rachel Rachel Tanner

Rachel Tanner

Library Media Specialist


Victoria Thomas

Partner Teacher, Kindergarten

Thorner_Daniel Dan Thorner

Daniel Thorner

STEAM Teacher


Maureen Toppin

Partner Teacher, Third Grade

Voelker_Laura Laura Voelker

Laura Voelker

Science Teacher

Wales_Mairim M Wales

Mairim Wales

Senior Accountant

beauvoir staff photo

Stephanie Weber

Head Nurse


Edward Whitaker

Partner Teacher, Kindergarten

Williams_Colleen Colleen Williams

Colleen Williams

Head of Early Years, ELC and Pre-Kindergarten


Jordan Wright

Partner Teacher, Pre-Kindergarten

Youse_Carissa Carissa Youse

Carissa Youse

Library Media Specialists