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Third Grade

Beauvoir admits children into third grade on a space-available basis. There are four third grade classrooms with approximately 20 students and two teachers in each room.

Third Grade

The final year at Beauvoir is an exciting one as third grade students take on the relished role of being the oldest students in the school. In third grade, children experience new leadership opportunities while continuing to build on the essential academic skills, social foundations and wonderful memories they have gained in the previous grades.

In third grade, teachers emphasize the importance of reflection and knowing oneself as a learner and as a person. Students are provided ample opportunities and methods for reflection, such as journaling, mindfulness and classroom sharing.

Third grade students at Beauvoir gain independence while exploring their place in, and impact on, the greater community and world around them.

Third Grade Program

The third-grade curriculum focuses on guiding children to develop the confidence, competence, and flexibility needed to be successful in their lives after Beauvoir–as artists, athletes, scientists, musicians, linguists, learners, and friends.

The curriculum is designed to capture students’ energy and imagination, and focuses attention on gaining capacity with, and mastery of, academic and life skills. An interdisciplinary curriculum combined with a variety of instructional delivery methods and a focused dedication to knowing each child as an individual prepares our students to be successful learners for life.


There are many positive outcomes from our decision to send our child to Beauvoir. Among them are the welcoming environment, notes from teachers on what our children are exploring in the classroom along with pictures of daily happenings. Most importantly, our daughter has come home with a joy and excitement for learning that is palpable!

—Current Beauvoir Parent

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Our Third Grade Team

Brown_Gabe Gabe Brown

Gabe Brown

Partner Teacher, Third Grade


Jeremy Canter

Partner Teacher, Third Grade

Chounoune_Megan Megan Chounoune

Megan Chounoune

Head of Upper Years, Second and Third Grades

Fromell_Madeleine Maddie Fromell

Maddie Fromell

Partner Teacher, Third Grade

Gillespie_Jessica Jess Gillespie

Jessica Gillespie

Partner Teacher, Third Grade

Hammonds_Carolyn Carolyn Hammonds

Carolyn Hammonds

Partner Teacher, Third Grade


Jazmine Jackson

Partner Teacher, Third Grade

Katz_Emily Emily-Katz

Emily Katz

Third Grade Partner Teacher


Maureen Toppin

Partner Teacher, Third Grade

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