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Second Grade

Beauvoir admits children into second grade on a space-available basis. There are four second grade classrooms with approximately 21 students and two teachers in each room.

Second Grade

Second grade is a year of amazing growth in Beauvoir students. Second graders are curious and industrious. They want to figure out how things work, explore concepts of time, space and quantity, create new ways to make things work, and collaborate to see a project through. “Let’s put on a show!” is an example of a phrase overheard in second grade.

Rapid growth means that at times, second grade students may work hard and work fast for short spurts, then need time to regroup. Second grade students benefit from the support and guidance of adults in working to achieve their courageous hopes and dreams.

Second Grade Program


There are many positive outcomes from our decision to send our child to Beauvoir. Among them are the welcoming environment, notes from teachers on what our children are exploring in the classroom along with pictures of daily happenings. Most importantly, our daughter has come home with a joy and excitement for learning that is palpable!

—Current Beauvoir Parent

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Our Second Grade Team

Chounoune_Megan Megan Chounoune

Megan Chounoune

Head of Upper Years, Second and Third Grades

Ellen Cremer

Partner Teacher, Second Grade


Kaneia Crumlin

Partner Teacher, Second Grade

Teleah Hollingsworth

Partner Teacher, Second Grade


Maria Kurt

Partner Teacher, Second Grade


Hannah LaBella

Partner Teacher, Second Grade

Lago_Melanie Melanie LAgo

Melanie Lago

Partner Teacher, 2nd Grade

McAbee_Meredith Meredith McAbee

Meredith McAbee

Partner Teacher, Second Grade

Cate Ruland

Partner Teacher, Second Grade

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