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Parents and Caregivers

Beauvoir parents are an integral part of our dynamic, diverse and inclusive community through their involvement in the life of the School each and every day.

Parents Association

The Parents Association, which includes every parent at Beauvoir, supports and builds community through various events such as the Annual Scholarship Benefit, Book Fair, and Fall Fest. The PA engages parent volunteers and encourages parents to share their time and talents to enrich the life of the school.

The School values their contributions, whether reading to a classroom, eating with their children, or sharing family traditions. Beauvoir parents make lifelong relationships with one another.

PA Executive Committee

Kate Tyrrell

Vice President 
Lisa Lowenstein

Alyona Dubrovina

Communications & Secretary
Marissa Chepenik

Fundraising Coordinator and Benefit Liaison
Andrea Mathis

Kaleidoscope Liaison
Renee Diggs

Parent Education
Maria Glover
Lisa Kryshko

Room Helper Coordinators
Tessa Harber
Nicole Collings
Scott Rissmiller

Service Coordinators
Angie Collier
Amelia Makin