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Support & Benefits

At Beauvoir, we believe that professional development is central to nurturing a lifelong passion for learning.

Extraordinary Support for Teachers

As educators, we know first-hand that new ideas and new connections with people from across the nation can lead to inspiring new ideas and adventures in the classroom. Faculty and staff need to nourish their own passions and interests as professionals in order to joyfully serve in our roles as teachers of children. Beauvoir happily supports attendance at conferences and workshops across the country. We meet regularly with faculty and staff to review professional development opportunities, and to coordinate attendance at a number of them offered both locally and away from Washington, D.C.

Additionally, we select a few teachers every year to travel internationally in support of our Global Studies unit through travel grants. In the last three years, teachers at Beauvoir have traveled to Kenya, explored countries along the Nile River, South Africa, Chile, Peru, Spain and Italy. Domestic opportunities to travel are also granted, with some of our teachers having recently explored the Chesapeake Bay, San Francisco, Hawaii, and New England.

Research shows that professional development that happens within a school community with peers learning together over a period of time results in positive student learning outcomes and increased feelings of teacher self-efficacy in the classroom. At Beauvoir, we honor that teachers learn and grow together by thoughtfully and intentionally designing in-house professional development opportunities. For example, we learn and grow together in professional learning communities (PLCs) on topics such as literacy, numeracy, social justice, and equity throughout the year.

We also have unparalleled support for faculty members through the work of a math coach and two literacy instructional coaches. Beauvoir also supports both teachers and students with one reading specialist in each grade from first through third, two math specialists, and an early childhood literacy and math coach dedicated to supporting teachers and students in pre-kindergarten and kindergarten. When we learn and grow together, we increase our impact as educators, and truly provide an extraordinary early childhood education that encourages students to be creative, courageous life-long learners.

Summary of Benefits


Health Benefits

PECF has established a partnership with CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS), the region’s leading health insurance carrier which insures over 50% of the local population, providing access to over 35,000 providers (primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and specialists) in Maryland, DC, and Virginia.

The PECF offers four CareFirst medical plans. All plans include prescription drug, basic vision, and mental health/substance abuse benefits.

CareFirst Blue Choice Advantage

  • In-Network Deductible: $0 individual / $0 family
  • No charge for Wellness Visits

CareFirst Blue Choice Open Access (Local)

  • Mirrors plan design and local network of Advantage plan (CareFirst network in DC, MD, and Northern VA)
  • In-network benefits only (out-of-network coverage for urgent care and emergency care is provided)

CareFirst Blue Choice Advantage (HSA)

  • In-Network Deductible: $1,600 individual / $3,200 family
  • Includes $500/individual or $1,000/family contribution to a Health Savings Account at start of plan year (pro-rated based on hire date)

CareFirst Blue Choice Open Access (HSA (Local)

  • Mirrors plan design, HSA funding, and local network of HSA plan (CareFirst network in DC, MD, and Northern VA)
  • In-network benefits only (out-of-network coverage for urgent care and emergency care is provided)

Dental Insurance

Dental coverage is provided by CareFirst BCBS, offering three different plans with varying levels of in-network and out of network coverage to best meet employees at their point of need—Basic, Plus, and Plus with Orthodontia.

Vision Insurance

All medical plans include a full annual vision exam at a $10 copay when performed by an in-network provider.  Employees can also purchase BlueVision Plus coverage that includes an annual eye examination provided at $0 in-network copay as well as coverage for prescription eyewear and contact lenses.

Flexible spending accounts (FSA) allow employees to set aside pre-tax dollars from their earnings to pay for eligible out-of-pocket unreimbursed medical and/or dependent care expenses. Flexible spending accounts offer significant tax-saving opportunities for employees that have predictable dependent care and/or unreimbursed health care expenses. Participants will be provided with an FSA debit card which provides immediate access to available funds.

A Health Savings Account (HSA) is a tax-exempt medical savings account that can be used to pay for eligible medical expenses and save for future medical and retiree benefits on a tax-free basis.  It is available only to those who elect a high deductible health plan with a health savings account.  Important features include:

  • No “use it or lose it” restrictions—the funds in the account are available to keep even after leaving the PECF.
  • $500 individual/$1,000 family will be automatically contributed to the account at the beginning of the plan year; this amount is pro-rated based on participant’s hire date.
  • Employees can contribute additional funds on a pre-tax basis.

Blue Rewards is CareFirst’s incentive program that rewards members for taking steps to get and stay healthy. Members and their covered spouse or domestic partner can each earn up to $175 for completing participation-based steps (such as visiting a PCP and signing up for wellness emails).

Retirement Savings and Employer-Paid Benefits

Full time eligible employees receive term life insurance coverage in an amount equal to two times the employee’s annual base salary, round- ed up to the nearest thousand (maximum coverage $200,000, reductions apply after age 65). Employees may also purchase additional life insurance for themselves and their eligible family members.

Long term disability insurance is provided to ensure continuing income in the event of a disability rendering employees unable to work, providing 60 percent of pre-disability salary after the 90th day of disability, subject to plan limits.

Retirement program is provided through Teachers Insurance and Annuity Association (TIAA).

Participation is voluntary upon employment but is required after three years’ employment or upon turning age thirty (whichever is first). The employee’s mandatory contribution is 5 percent of salary and the School contributes 7 percent of base salary. Employees may elect to make voluntary pre-tax contributions in addition to the mandated 5 percent. The plan does not provide for after-tax contributions.

Voluntary Benefits

The Commuter Rewards program encourages employees to commute to work by methods that reduce traffic congestion, improve regional air quality, and reduce the need for parking on the Close grounds. All employees using public transit can purchase Smart benefits on a pre-tax basis. Employees who use public transportation or vanpool services to commute to work at least 80 percent of the normally scheduled work week, and do not have a parking permit may be eligible to receive a monthly $100 nontaxable subsidy. Employees who walk or bicycle to work, and do not have a parking permit, can apply for an annual $250 taxable benefit to partially subsidize expenses, such as walking shoes and bicycle maintenance costs.

Employees and their dependents may purchase discounted memberships to One Life Fitness.

Employees and their family members have access to the MetLife EAP Plan which provides free 24-hour access to online resources, 24-hour professional counseling, and up to five phone or video consultations. These professionals can help with issues of everyday life, family problems, career issues, parenting, or financial planning.

Legal Resources is a comprehensive legal benefit plan for employees and their immediate family. This group legal plan gives you direct access to local law firms to receive advice, consultation, and courtroom representation for common legal services. Any attorney fees which are not covered in full are provided at a 25 percent discount. A few of the services 100 percent covered include:

  • Will Preparation
  • Defense of a speeding ticket or other traffic violation
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Domestic Adoption
  • Attorney fees for house closings

Additional School Benefits


Lunches are provided in the School’s dining room for all employees.

Funds are available to support continuing education programs and attendance at pre-approved workshops, conferences, school visits, and similar opportunities for professional growth.

Beauvoir faculty and staff are offered a discounted pool membership. (Beauvoir’s outdoor pool)

The ELC is offered to employees (subject to availability) with children three months to three years of age, Monday through Friday during the school year, according to the published schedule. A limited program is maintained during Summer Camp season for an additional fee. Inquiries should be directed to the Director of the Early Learning Center. Enrollment is by contract for the full academic year (except for infants reaching the three-month requirement). Beauvoir employees receive a discount on tuition for this program.

Participation in the ELC is not a guarantee of acceptance into the School pre-kindergarten program.