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A Coeducational School | Early Learners to Third Grade
Teaching & Learning


Spanish begins for Pre-Kindergarten children as an active exploration of Spanish language and culture that continues throughout the Beauvoir experience. Enthusiastic students share beginning language through real-life experiences. Conversational vocabulary is introduced through age-appropriate games, songs and art experiences. Children practice basic Spanish sounds and phrases during morning meetings and choral singing, as well as hands-on science, social studies and art projects.
Spanish themes in Kindergarten include classroom, community and animal habitats. Children practice language skills through stories, drama, songs, games, math and science activities. Kindergartners are introduced to numbers, weather, colors, commands and self-descriptive vocabulary. Spanish lessons focus on learning vocabulary and basic conversational phrases that are relevant to the Kindergartners’ world.

First Grade
Spanish instruction in the First Grade is cross-curricular. Spanish language lessons feature familiar stories, cultural songs and poems, and interactive games. First Graders learn vocabulary and basic conversational phrases, and begin to develop partner communication skills. Morning meetings are conducted in Spanish on a weekly basis, including a written morning message, greeting, calendar work and sharing. Counting numbers, creating graphs, measuring objects and completing science experiments contribute to the understanding of Spanish.

Second Grade
Spanish in Second Grade fosters vocabulary development through spoken, cultural and content-based activities. Spanish stories, songs, poems and games are incorporated in the lessons relating to grade-level curricular themes. Second Graders engage in project based activities which allows them to communicate with each other using appropriate vocabulary in settings that reflect real-life experiences.

Third Grade
Third Graders have learning opportunities to develop language, culture and content skills in each curricular area through project-based activities. Children discuss legends read in Spanish, sing songs, recite Spanish vocabulary and practice conversational skills. Students use mapping skills to locate and identify countries, geographical areas and regions throughout the world. Geometric concepts and cultural aspects are explored through ancient architecture. Science skills are reviewed through making predictions, and describing and identifying plants and animals.
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Our Mission

At Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School, we provide an extraordinary early childhood education in a diverse community that values every individual. Beauvoir’s program encourages creative, courageous learners and builds an enduring foundation for a lifelong spirit of inquiry and joy in learning.
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