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A Coeducational School | Early Learners to Third Grade
Teaching & Learning

Physical Education

Physical Education facilitates the optimum growth and development of each child in Pre-Kindergarten. Socialization skills, movement skills and manipulative skills are all part of the overall program. Beauvoir children learn to respect the rights and feelings of others and physical education helps accomplish this goal. It also engages developing children in a wide variety of activities, such as bending, twisting, climbing and running. 
Beauvoir children learn through a wide variety of movement experiences in a non-competitive atmosphere in Kindergarten. Intellectual, emotional and social growth is promoted through a Physical Education program that encourages children’s participation in six central areas: socialization, movement skills, movement education and gymnastics, manipulative skills, games and specific sport skills to the best of their individual abilities.

First Grade
Physical Education supports First Graders in their growth and development through guided participation in physical activities. The curriculum ranges from fitness stations and lacrosse to soccer and climbing. A variety of activities with different skill levels are introduced throughout the year. Lead-up games for individual sports are started in First Grade so students can start to incorporate their skills into game situations. Physical Education is structured to enhance children’s abilities to cooperate with and respect others.

Second Grade
Throughout the Physical Education curriculum, an emphasis is placed on intellectual, emotional and social growth. Along with the more "traditional" curriculum, special units include fire safety, obstacle courses, holiday games, climbing courses and the Second Grade Gym Show, a Beauvoir tradition. Physical Education is integrated with other subject areas by incorporating mathematics, science and spelling into our activities. Games from other cultures are introduced during the school’s Global Studies program.

Third Grade
Physical Education enhances the Third Graders' physical and social growth by emphasizing skill-building and teamwork. Each child's development is encouraged through a broad range of specialized activities that are challenging and fun. Track and field, flag football, hockey and other sports increase children's manipulative and cooperation skills. A positive attitude about physical movement and sports keeps children focused on the important aspects of physical education and their own health. 

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Our Mission

At Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School, we provide an extraordinary early childhood education in a diverse community that values every individual. Beauvoir’s program encourages creative, courageous learners and builds an enduring foundation for a lifelong spirit of inquiry and joy in learning.
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