Head of School Search

Beauvoir Announces New Head of School:

Mrs. Cindi Gibbs-Wilborn

Letter from the Governing Board Chair

Dear Beauvoir Community,
On behalf of the Governing Board, I am delighted to announce the appointment of Mrs. Cindi Gibbs-Wilborn as Beauvoir’s sixth Head of School, beginning in July 2018. Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn was approved unanimously by the Search Committee, Beauvoir’s Governing Board, and the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation Board, the governing entity on the Cathedral Close.
Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn, an experienced administrative leader and teacher in independent schools, impressed the Search Committee and Governing Board with her strategic thinking, educational philosophy, embrace of the Episcopal tradition, results-oriented management skills, and deep appreciation of and commitment to Beauvoir’s diverse community.  Please read Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn’s welcome letter here.

Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn currently serves as head of school at Hanahau‘oli, a JK-6 school in Honolulu, Hawaii. In this position, she has been responsible for developing and advancing the vision for the school in close collaboration with the Board of Trustees. She also led faculty in reviewing and revising curriculum to ensure continuity, alignment, and meaningful and memorable learning experiences; developed a customized, continuum-based process for student progress reports; and built a faculty evaluation process with clear standards that is rooted in growth and flexibility. Other accomplishments have included the renovation of an outdoor learning and play space; the completion of the school’s reaccreditation; and increasing the school’s annual fund. She previously served as head of lower school at Providence Day School in Charlotte, North Carolina, where she led a division of 600 students in TK-5.
A familiar face on the Close, Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn began her independent school career at Beauvoir. Over the course of her twelve-year tenure at the school, she served as both administrator and teacher. She founded and directed the Beauvoir Center for Teaching and Learning, a public-private partnership for educators from around the country to receive year-round professional development opportunities. In addition to the wealth of knowledge she brings from her work in other schools, she is deeply committed to Beauvoir’s mission, vision, and life rules.
Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn is also a published writer and blogger on education-related topics, an active member of several industry associations, and a 2018 Fellow with the Klingenstein Center's Heads of Schools program at Columbia University’s Teachers College. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a Master of Elementary Education from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and has conducted doctoral work in curriculum and instruction at the University of Maryland.
Selecting Beauvoir’s next head of school is the most important responsibility of this Governing Board, and I am deeply grateful to everyone who participated in the process. I would like to offer my profound appreciation to the Search Committee, led by co-chairs Enu Mainigi (Parent ’13, Parent ’16, Parent ‘18)* and Lauralyn Lee (Parent ’16, Parent ’18), for dedicating an extraordinary amount of time, thoughtful energy, and integrity to this extensive process. Thank you also to all the committee members: Nancy Carr* (Parent ‘85, Parent ‘88, Parent ‘94, Grandparent ‘20), Elanor Cato (Faculty, Parent '00, Parent '03), Megan Chounoune (Faculty), Brooke Coburn (Parent ‘12, Parent ‘14, Parent ‘21), Charis Drant*(Parent ‘15, Parent ‘18, Parent ’20), Elizabeth Eastwick (Faculty, Parent ’19, Parent ’22, Parent ELC), Rocky Galloway (Parent of twins ‘18), Billy Kappaz* (Parent ‘16, Parent ‘17), Cathie Martin* (Parent ‘15, Parent ‘17, Parent ‘18), and Tamika Smith-Jackson* (Parent ‘16, Parent ‘20). I also would like to thank all of you who shared your impressions of these candidates in the forums and online survey. In fact, our search firm, Brigham Hill Consultancy, shared that the rate of participation in the survey was among the highest it has ever seen, which shows the extraordinary care and commitment of the Beauvoir community.
Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn will succeed Mr. Michael Eanes, Interim Head of School. I want to extend my thanks to Mr. Eanes for his steady hand, enthusiasm, energy, and deep dedication to Beauvoir’s success over the last year. I look forward to celebrating his contributions with all of you in the months to come.
On behalf of the entire Governing Board, we are thrilled to introduce Mrs. Gibbs-Wilborn to the Beauvoir community and welcome her, her husband Larry, and their two children to Beauvoir this summer. Together, we reaffirm our deep commitment to young children and the pursuit of excellence in early elementary education.
Yours Sincerely,

Rhonda Schmidtlein
Chair, Beauvoir Governing Board
*Board Member

List of 5 frequently asked questions.

  • The Timeline for the Head Search

    Following is an estimated timetable for the search to identify candidates and appoint the new Head of School of Beauvoir. This proposed schedule is not meant to be precise, inasmuch as searches have unpredictable moments and are often subject to elements outside the control of the Search Committee, consultants, and/or candidates. Nevertheless, a realistic critical path would be as follows:  

    June 2017
    Brigham Hill on-campus meetings with Board, faculty, staff, administrators, parents, grandparents and alumni
    Online survey for Beauvoir stakeholders to provide additional input
    July/August 2017
    Search Committee meets with Brigham Hill to review and finalize, with Board input, the search profile
    Brigham Hill launches proactive outreach to prospective candidates and networking sources 
    for both interim and permanent Head

    Search Committee interviews candidates for Interim Head and makes recommendation to full Board.
    Board chooses Interim Head
    Interim Head is announced and begins work

    September 2017
    Brigham Hill conducts additional on-campus meetings with Board, faculty, staff, administrators, parent, grandparent and alumni groups
    Search Committee meets with Brigham Hill to review “long list” of prospective candidates
    Brigham Hill begins in-person interviews of “medium list” of prospective candidates
    October – November 2017
    Search Committee selects and interviews semifinalist candidates
    December 2017 – January 2018
    Finalist candidates visit Beauvoir to meet with the Board and other constituents, such as faculty, staff, and parents
    New Head of School is appointed and announced
    July 2018
    New Head of School takes office

    In the unlikely event that the School has not identified an excellent candidate to serve as the next Head of School by March 2018, we will continue the search through the following school year. The Search Committee and search firm will make every effort to complete the search on the anticipated timeline above, but the most important goal is to find the right match in our next Head of School. In any search, there is always a chance that that the search could extend into the following school year.  In that unlikely but possible situation, our new Head of School would take office in July 2019.
  • FAQs

    What is the role of the board in the search for the permanent head of school? What is the role of the search committee? What roles will parents, teachers, and staff have in the process? 
    The primary role of the Beauvoir Governing Board is to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the school; the board’s most important responsibility is hiring the head of school, who is responsible for the day-to-day management and leadership of the school.
    The search committee is tasked with identifying and evaluating candidates for the headship and making a final recommendation to the Governing Board. The Governing Board then votes on the appointment of the candidate as head of school.
    While the board is responsible for the ultimate decision-making in the search process, the opinions and insights of parents, teachers, staff, and other members of the Beauvoir and Close community are critical to the process. As discussed below, there have already been and will be more opportunities for various stakeholders to provide input about the school and the qualities sought in the next head of school.

    How was the search committee selected?
    According to the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Head of School Search Handbook, the search committee should reflect the school’s different stakeholder groups, be able to think about what is best for the school as a whole (both in the short and long term), and have a collective understanding of the school’s needs. Also necessary is the willingness and ability to devote the substantial time needed to complete the committee’s work. While it is important that the search committee broadly represents the various viewpoints of the school’s stakeholders, it is also important that the committee be small enough to be nimble.
    The outgoing Governing Board chair and the incoming Governing Board chair worked together with members of the incoming and outgoing executive committee of the board to select the search committee members. The executive committee approved the final slate. The Governing Board executive committee is composed of the officers of the Governing Board and the chairs of the standing committees of the board, which include the finance committee, the governance committee, the personnel and compensation committee, the advancement committee, and the building and grounds committee, as well as any other members appointed by the chair. Please see the Governing Board page on the Beauvoir website for list of the current executive members. For purposes of assembling a list of potential non-board member parent representatives, the outgoing chair and the incoming chair reached out to the entire board (both outgoing and incoming members), the Parents Association executive committee (both outgoing and incoming members), the Grandparents Council, and alumni parents for recommendations. In addition, the outgoing chair and the incoming chair have received recommendations from many individual members of the parent community. In total, they estimate that they have reached out to or received input from approximately 125 members of the community. Furthermore, faculty and staff were invited to express their interest in serving in any capacity during the permanent head search.
    Taking into account the advice and recommendations from the various stakeholders, the search committee consists of: parents who do not serve on the Governing Board, faculty members, and members of the Governing Board. Committee members were selected based on the distinct set of skills, diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and integrity they each bring to the search process. These individuals know Beauvoir well and appreciate our early childhood focus, our Life Rules, our connection to the Cathedral Close, and our tradition and culture, including our commitment to a diverse and inclusive learning environment. We are confident that they represent the community’s broad and strategic needs and will ensure a successful head of school search process.
    What is the timeline for the search for the new permanent head of school? 
    The search began in mid-June with on-campus search consultant meetings with Beauvoir constituents, including faculty, staff, parents, grandparents, alumni, board members, and Close leaders. In addition, an online survey was launched to the school community. The information gleaned from these meetings and the survey will be used to draft the search profile, which describes the school and the ideal candidate for the position. The search profile will be refined in consultation with the search committee and the board later this summer. The search firm will spend the summer identifying and evaluating prospective candidates and will report back to the search committee sometime around late September. We also anticipate that our search firm will visit campus again around that time to solicit additional input from various stakeholder groups. Input gathered will be used to further refine the search firm and the search committee’s understanding of the school’s needs. In the fall, the search committee will begin the process of interviewing semifinalist candidates, with the hope that those interviews will yield highly-qualified candidate finalists who will be invited to visit Beauvoir as early as late fall or early winter. The number one goal, however, is to find the best head of school to lead Beauvoir forward, and we will pursue that goal even if it takes a bit longer to find the right person.
    When will the new head of school start? 
    Based on the current timeline, it is our hope that the new permanent head of school will take office in July 2018. The search committee and search firm will make every effort to complete the search on the anticipated timeline, but the most important goal is to find the right match in our next head of school. There is always a chance that the search could extend into the following school year, in which case the new head of school would take office in July 2019.
    Why does the search take so long? 
    Head of school searches are unique. A number of factors have combined over the years to make the above timetable typical for any head of school search. These factors include contracts between schools and their heads, the desire for the entire school community to be involved in the search, the need for candidates and search committees to have time for deliberation and reflection, and scheduling issues.
    What information will the search committee share with the school community regarding the progress and the candidates being considered?
    The search committee will provide periodic updates and communicate the general progress of the search throughout the process, and is committed to being as transparent as possible. In order to protect the current positions of candidates, however, the committee is not at liberty to disclose the names of people under consideration or when they will be in Washington for the first round of interviews. Finalist interviews may include members of the school community beyond the search committee, depending on the degree of confidentiality requested by the candidate. 
    Who is the search firm? 
    Brigham Hill Consultancy is a retained executive search firm that serves only not-for-profit organizations, but specializes in independent school head of school and senior administrative searches. The firm’s founder and president, Linc Eldredge, will lead our search in partnership with his colleague, Jessica McCann. Brigham Hill is a national firm with clients across the country. In particular, the firm has worked a great deal in our region, including placing the current heads of school at National Presbyterian School, Holton-Arms School, Green Acres School, and McLean School of Maryland. Our consultants have also conducted senior administrative searches at National Cathedral School, Sidwell Friends School, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School, Lab School of Washington, Landon School, and Holton-Arms School.
    How can I express my opinions about the search? 
    In addition to the face-to-face meetings with the search firm, we have created a Head of School Search page on the Beauvoir website, where you will find a link to a brief questionnaire. The questionnaire asks you to identify yourself broadly in terms of your relationship with the school and then gives you an opportunity to answer a handful of open-ended questions. Once you click to submit the information, the responses go directly to our search firm, Brigham Hill Consultancy. The firm will review them and provide the search committee with suggestions, opinions, and insights gleaned from the questionnaires.
    If you have questions or concerns about the search, please reach out to the search committee members co-chairs or members of the committee directly. They welcome your input. You can also send an email to the search committee directly at BVRheadsearch@cathedral.org to provide input or request an opportunity to meet with or speak with a member of the search committee.   
    How can I recommend a candidate? 
    Please send an email to the search committee at BVRheadsearch@cathedral.org.
    Will the successful candidate now be a head of school? 
    Very possibly, but not necessarily. There are obvious benefits to recruiting someone who has already been a head because he or she would have learned quite a bit about the role, would undoubtedly have made some mistakes and learned from them, and presumably would bring maturity and perspective to the school. On the other hand, someone who has been an assistant head of school or division head with notable authority and autonomy, who has been well mentored, who has experiences that are sought by Beauvoir, and whose leadership manner and style are compelling, would also be of great interest. The search is structured to invite a variety of prospective candidates, both sitting heads and others, and the search committee will look at each case on its own merits to determine whether or not to continue discussions with a given individual.
    Is this a national search? 
    Yes. As noted above, there is intense competition across the country for accomplished educational leaders. Thus, we will invite candidates from all geographic areas. 
  • Search Committee Members

    Nancy Carr and her husband, Robert, are parents of Rachel, '85, Rebecca, '88, and Matthew, '94, and grandparents of Sydney Rizzo, '20. Nancy is completing her first year on the Governing Board, she serves on the advancement committee, and last year created and launched the Beauvoir Grandparents' Council. She previously served on Beauvoir's board from 1983-1989 and held leadership positions as vice-chair and chair of the Beauvoir Capital Campaign. Nancy co-chaired the past parent committee for the Building Hand in Hand Campaign in 2001 and served on the National Cathedral School Governing Board. She most recently chaired the Board of Collegiate Directions CDI, a non-profit organization committed to closing the education, achievement, and opportunity gap for low-income, primarily first-generation-to-college students. She received her M.S.W. from Columbia University and her B.A. from Beaver College. nancymcarrr3@aol.com 
    Elanor Cato and her husband, George, are parents of Paul, '00, and Charles, '03, and she is a faculty leader at Beauvoir. Elanor began her teaching career at Beauvoir in 1975. Because of her love of working with young children, for the past 42 years, she has primarily taught in the pre-kindergarten classrooms. Additionally, Elanor served as faculty representative on the Governing Board for two terms; she was a Pre-K/K Division director, Pre-K coordinator, and served on the admissions committee for a number of years. Elanor attended the University of Pennsylvania and received a prestigious education award for the student teacher with the most potential. She was also awarded the Polly Moreland Fellowship for teaching from Beauvoir. elanor.cato@cathedral.org
    Megan Chounoune is a faculty member at Beauvoir, presently serving as a third grade directing teacher. Megan began her teaching career at Beauvoir as an associate teacher in 2008. For the last two years, Megan has served as the faculty representative to the Governing Board, and was highly regarded for her active participation and strategic partnership. Prior to joining Beauvoir, Megan was a student teacher in the Atlanta Public School System and a tutor at Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes. She received a Bachelor of Arts in English from Spelman College and her Master of Arts Education in Curriculum with a focus on elementary education from George Washington University. megan.chounoune@cathedral.org 
    Brooke B. Coburn and his wife, Gina, are the parents of three children, Bowen, '12, Wit, '14, and Tess, '21. Brooke joined The Carlyle Group in 1996 and is currently a managing director, chief operating officer of Carlyle's Energy and Natural Resources Platform, and co-head of Carlyle Growth Partners and Carlyle Equity Opportunity Fund, the U.S. Middle Market Buyout, and Growth Capital activities of The Carlyle Group. He is a founding member of Carlyle's Middle Market and Growth practice. Brooke serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations, including Washington National Cathedral and The SEED School of Washington, where he led SEED’s head of school search. Brooke and Gina are actively involved in supporting a range of education-focused organizations serving traditionally underserved populations, including Capital Partners for Education, LIFT, Teach for America, and Bread for the City. Brooke is a member of the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) and received his B.A. from Princeton University with honorsbrooke@coburnsdc.com 
    Charis M. Drant and her husband, Ryan, are the parents of Rowan, '15, Tanner, '18, and Liv, '20. Charis is in her second term on the Governing Board where she serves as chair of the advancement committee and as a member of the governance committee. She was a co-chair of the Beauvoir 2020 Strategic Planning effort and is now leading a board working group on outplacement, supporting Bethany Wynder, Beauvoir’s director of outplacement, and engaging schools across the region. In addition to her board role at Beauvoir, Charis has served on the scholarship auction committee and 2012-13 Combined Campaign. Charis is an active volunteer in the D.C. education community, serving on the board of D.C. Prep, a public charter school bridging the educational divide in Washington, D.C. She is a director of the Charina Endowment Fund and a volunteer with Harvard College Schools and Scholarships Committee. Charis practiced law at DLA Piper and Morrison & Foerster, and taught as an adjunct law professor at the University of Maryland School of Law. Charis received an A.B. from Harvard College and her law degree from Georgetown University. charisdrant@gmail.com 
    Elizabeth Eastwick and her husband, Ted, are the parents of Charlotte, '19, Brooks '21, and Avery in the ELC. Elizabeth is a member of Beauvoir's faculty, and began her classroom teaching career in 2001 as an associate teacher. After her associate teacher year, she moved to the National Cathedral School (NCS) where she taught math in grades four and five for nine years. At NCS, Elizabeth served on the hiring committee for the associate head of school, the hiring committees for members of the lower school, and the professional development committee. She also oversaw the lower school’s community service programs. Elizabeth returned to Beauvoir in 2011 in the role of math learning resource specialist, primarily in first grade, and last year became a directing teacher in third grade. Elizabeth is a volunteer coach and mentor for Team in Training in Triathlon, the fundraising arm for the leukemia and lymphoma society, and volunteers for First Book, a program to increase literacy in low income households. Elizabeth received a B.A. in development psychology from the University of Michigan, and a MSEd from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009 in Independent School Administration and Leadership. elizabeth.eastwick@cathedral.org 
    Rocky Galloway and his husband, Reginald Stanley, are the parents of twin daughters, Malena and Zoë Stanley-Galloway, '18. At Beauvoir, Rocky has volunteered in numerous capacities, including supporting admissions outreach and serving as a parent helper in the classroom. In the fall, Rocky will begin his second term on the Parents Association executive committee. Rocky also serves as co-chair of Kaleidoscope, Beauvoir’s parent-led initiative that develops programming and facilitates discussions among parents on a broad range of topics related to diversity and inclusion. Rocky is senior counsel at CenturyLink, a global telecommunications and IT services company, where he focuses on contract negotiations, dispute resolution, and corporate compliance in support of the federal solutions business unit. Rocky most recently served on the board of directors of Rainbow Families DC, and actively volunteers with several local community service organizations, including Martha’s Table and the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE). He is a lifetime fellow of the Emerging Leaders Program, U.S. - Southern Africa Center for Leadership and Public Values, a bi-national partnership between Duke University and the University of Cape Town, South Africa. Rocky received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Howard University, and a J.D. from the Howard University School of Law. rocky.galloway@gmail.com
    William (Billy) Kappaz and his wife, Laura, have three children, Ava, '16,  Julia, '17, and Sophia. Billy is in his first term in the Governing Board where he chairs the buildings and grounds committee and serves on the finance committee and the Cathedral Foundation buildings and ground committee. He is well regarded by his board colleagues for his strategic input on finances, deep commitment, and work ethic. Billy is the chairman and CEO of The Dorado Group, LLC, an investor, owner, and operator of power generation projects. Billy has led the structuring, development, and financing of infrastructure projects around the world. He is a recognized expert in project finance, having facilitated the first private investments in the power sectors of more than a dozen countries. Billy has also developed and published new rules and regulations governing various countries' energy sectors, unbundled vertically integrated state-owned utilities, and established wholesale electricity markets – the result of which supported significant new investment in emerging market economies. Billy serves on the board of Catholic Charities and actively supports several other institutions that focus on education, job training, workforce development, and medical and dental services for underserved communities in the Washington area. Billy received a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland. wkappaz@doradogroup.com 
    Lauralyn Lee and her husband, Peter, '81, have two children, Caroline, '16, and Annalise, '18.  Lauralyn has been an active parent volunteer, serving for two years on the Parents Association executive committee, as a room helper, and as founding co-chair of Kaleidoscope. A higher education administrator and lawyer, Lauralyn works as a consultant to universities and schools, assisting school leaders with community and stakeholder engagement, institutional planning, and program development. Lauralyn has a long affiliation with Georgetown University, where her responsibilities have included overseeing Georgetown’s community engagement and local government relations, and serving as the University’s senior lawyer for issues related to student life, athletics, academics, and welfare. As part of her consulting practice, Lauralyn continues to work with Georgetown as senior advisor to the president for community engagement and strategic initiatives. Deeply engaged in the region’s education and non-profit communities, Lauralyn serves as board chair of Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School, a college preparatory high school serving low-income students, where her work includes supporting the transition of a new head of school. She also played leadership roles in the executive director searches and transitions at the Catalogue for Philanthropy and the Academy of Hope, as the executive committee transition lead and board chair, respectively. Lauralyn is a graduate of Arizona State University and Duke University School of Law. lauralynbeattielee@gmail.com
    Enu Mainigi and her husband, John Walke, have three children, Sonia, '13, Devin, '16, and Layla, '18. Enu is beginning her second term on the Governing Board, and serves on the executive committee and governance committee. Enu is a partner at Williams & Connolly, and has been there since 1997. She currently chairs the False Claims and Health Care practice areas, and is a past member of the executive committee. Enu tries and leads cases for a number of Fortune 25 companies in the health care and financial services space. She served as transition chair for Florida Governor Rick Scott and is a board member of Girls on the Run. She received a B.S. in Chemistry from American University and her J.D. from Harvard Law School. emainigi@wc.com 
    Cathie Martin and her husband, Kevin, are the parents of Luke, '15, Will, '17, and Libby, '18. Cathie is beginning her second term on the Governing Board. During her time on the board, she has co-chaired the annual fund and the advancement committee. She has also served as a member of the governance committee, the executive committee, and the board’s legal task force. She currently serves as chair of the governance committee and is leading a joint staff-board task force on admissions. An active volunteer at Beauvoir, Cathie has also served as an admission office volunteer, a room helper for many years, an auction volunteer, an art aide, co-chair of third grade events for two years, and has led the yearbook effort for two third grade classes. Cathie formerly worked as director of policy at Facebook, heading up the company's federal government affairs. Previously, she worked for President George W. Bush as a special assistant on the National Economic Council and as deputy assistant to the president and deputy communications director for policy and planning. Cathie was appointed by President Bush to serve on the board of directors of the White House Fellows Program, where she interviewed, selected, and mentored leaders from across the country to serve in the fellowship program at the White House and across the cabinet agencies. Earlier in her career, Cathie practiced law at Steptoe & Johnson; her legal specialty included advising non-profit organizations on a broad range of governance, tax, and corporate issues. She received her B.A. at the University of Texas and her J.D. from Harvard Law School. cathiejmartin@gmail.com

    Rhonda Schmidtlein and her husband, John, have two children: Anna, '17 and Julia '20. Rhonda has served on the Beauvoir Governing Board for three years including as a member of the finance committee and the governance committee. She recently led the effort to rewrite the Governing Board bylaws which were approved by the PECF Board of Trustees in June 2017. In addition, Rhonda has been an active parent volunteer over the past five years, including serving on multiple scholarship auction committees and as a frequent contributor to classroom functions and activities. Rhonda is currently the Chairman of the United States International Trade Commission, having been appointed by President Obama after serving for three years as a Commissioner.  Rhonda has significant experience in strategic planning, administration, governance, and budgeting from her tenure at the ITC and also as a member of the senior leadership team at the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board where she served as the Director of the Office of International Affairs. Earlier in her career, she served as an attorney in the Office of the United States Trade Representative and also at the U.S. Department of Justice. In addition, she is a trained accountant. Rhonda received her B.S. at the University of Missouri and her J.D. at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

    Tamika Smith-Jackson and her husband, Marlon, have three children, Duchess, '16, Quincy, '18, and an infant son at home. Tamika is beginning her third year on the Governing Board and serves on the advancement committee. She has previously served as the vice president of fundraising for Beauvoir's Parents Association and has been an active volunteer for admissions, the auction, and school events. Tamika works as an administrative assistant with CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield. A tireless advocate for social causes in the greater Washington, DC area focusing on issues affecting homeless women and children, Tamika annually chairs a fundraising campaign for the United Way. She is the founder of DCFOCIS (DC Families of Color in Independent Schools), a web-based forum dedicated to developing and preserving relationships between families of color with children enrolled in independent schools in the National Capital Region. Tamika attended George Washington University's School of Business and Public Management, majoring in Finance.  tamikalssmith@yahoo.com

  • About Our Search Firm

    Based in Dallas, Brigham Hill Consultancy is a boutique executive search firm that specializes exclusively in serving nonprofit organizations and has extensive experience conducting searches for independent schools across the nation and in this geographic region in particular. The firm placed the current Heads of School at National Presbyterian School, Holton-Arms School, McLean School of Maryland, and Green Acres School.  Brigham Hill has also conducted senior administrative searches at National Cathedral School, Sidwell Friends School, St. Patrick’s Episcopal Day School, Landon School, Holton-Arms School, and The Lab School.  More details about the firm and our consultants, Linc Eldredge and Jessica McCann, can be found at www.brighamhill.com.

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