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A Coeducational School | Pre-Kindergarten to Third Grade

85th Anniversary Spotlight: Elizabeth Glascock Taylor

Elizabeth Glascock Taylor was Beauvoir’s first Head of School, serving the community for over 30 years. She created the foundation of Beauvoir’s teaching and learning philosophy and launched one of the most distinctive elements of a Beauvoir education – the World Mindedness program, which was the precursor to our Global Studies curriculum. (More history on that next Friday!)

In her manuscript History of Beauvoir School, Julia Morse (Beauvoir Faculty 1933 – 1977) remembers Mrs. Taylor during her years as Head of School:
Mrs. Taylor taught arithmetic (not yet called mathematics at this level) for several years to Third Grade and occasionally to Second Grade.  She did this because of her reluctance to relinquish teaching altogether, her desire to keep in touch with the children and her belief in the importance of her favorite subject.  It was with great difficulty that we wrested our classes from her at the end of an arithmetic period.
 Those of us who were privileged to work with Mrs. Taylor remember with affection her vitality, her sense of humor, her high professional standards, her eagerness to try new ideas, her deep concern for everyone with whom she came into contact.  Under her direction Beauvoir flourished and gained an ever-increasing number of loyal patrons.
You may not realize that you see Mrs. Taylor’s portrait every time you pass by the library or enter the aptly-named Taylor Hall. Think of her the next time you do!

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