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Singing to the Snails: Finding Joy in Nature

Many of my happiest childhood memories take place in nature. The climbing tree in my backyard was my special place, and I would scale its branches and gaze over the small neighboring forest pretending it was my kingdom. The summer I turned eleven marked a new outdoor adventure when my mom took a summer research position on an island in Maine. I still vividly remember seeing and smelling the ocean for the first time. Dipping my fingers into the cool water of a tidal pool, I swirled the water around, and watched fascinated as the barnacles unfurled their tiny feathery legs and snatched up microscopic pieces of food. I spent many delightful summers in Maine, gazing at tidal pools, hiking up mountains, and exploring the forest outside our cabin. While I didn’t realize it at the time, the hours I spent in nature were not only enjoyable but helped me develop resilience, perseverance, patience, and the importance of finding joy in small discoveries. When my son Ethan was born, I knew that I wanted to pass along my love of nature to him. It didn’t come as easily as I thought.

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