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Dear Families,
Please join us this Saturday, April 17, 2021 at 7:00 pm for Milestones2021: Beauvoir Scholarship Virtual Benefit.  Along with our Benefit team, we have been hard at work putting together an innovative, engaging, and community-building event series to celebrate scholarship at Beauvoir.

The Beauvoir Benefit to Fund Scholars is a beloved tradition each school year, that helps create our vibrant, dynamic, and exceptional community.
We have tailored the Benefit season this year with a keen understanding of the special challenges we face this year. Our goal is to reconnect with each other while we raise critical funds to support the excellence of our community via our financial aid program.

Your gift to the Benefit, whether through a family package, donating an item for the auction, volunteering on a committee, and bidding the night of the Benefit itself, seeds our financial aid program and allows our school to attract the best applicants. These funds enrich our community, our classrooms, and the experiences we all share, from our children on the playground, to our classrooms, and as parents.

Beauvoir is a leader amongst independent schools in the region, and our Benefit is no different. The Beauvoir Benefit is a standout, raising over $500,000 for scholarships in an average year. While we cannot gather in person, this year, we have put a lot of thought and effort into coming together in safe, family-friendly, and warm ways to celebrate our community and the power of a Beauvoir education.

please check out our Beauvoir Benefit website at www.beauvoirbenefit.org

We are so grateful for all your partnership and support during the past year, and we look forward to celebrating with you on Saturday evening!


Marcus Johnson and Amy Lancaster, 2021 Beauvoir Benefit Co-Chairs

About Milestones - The 2021 Beauvoir Benefit to Fund Scholarships

Each year, our Benefit to fund Scholarship is themed. This year, we chose the auction theme Milestones, because Beauvoir is so much more than just a school; it is a part of our life’s journey. It is the beginning of our children’s formal education, where our little cubs will squeeze their Beauvoir bear in Pre-K and then become big kids putting on a play by Third Grade. It is the place where they learn how to use the Life Rules to navigate the world with the help of THE BEST faculty and staff.  For parents, it is the start of an investment in a community where we meet lifelong friends, feel a sense of positivity and belonging, and spend quality time on a campus so beautiful that it brings visitors from all over the world.  

is also the name of one of the most famous and classic jazz albums of all time by Miles Davis. It has been hailed as the seminal album that helped shape jazz history. Similarly, Beauvoir is helping to shape our history, and we are honored and excited to be on a part of that journey with you. Jazz is a great connector, and also a great analogy for this year, with all of our pivots and improvisations. We find the beauty in this time. We seek to celebrate the spirit of jazz exploring new ideas, new platforms, finding opportunities and beauty in the unexpected riffs of this time. To discover the possibilities of what can be done, to explore the power of connection, of inclusion, and of excellence despite adversity and uncertainties.

The Beauvoir Scholarship Benefit is a beloved tradition in our school community. Under normal circumstances, the Scholarship Benefit raises crucial funds for financial aid during an evening gala in the Cathedral. In a normal year, leading up to this night, we typically have many in-person opportunities to involve the parent community and raise awareness. Families would stop by to purchase a Love Note or a Family Ad, participate in the Class Ad Challenge, sponsor a book tote, underwrite wine or spirits for the Auction, or volunteer to help on one of several committees. While many of those familiar and exciting in-person efforts will not be possible in 2021, the Beauvoir Benefit continues to be a standout in the Washington, D.C., independent school community. Our annual Scholarship Benefit usually raises upwards of $500,000 towards financial aid. This amount directly supports more than two dozen Beauvoir students every year, and provides the same exceptional experience, faculty, staff and beautiful view for these children to share with their Beauvoir friends. While our methods of “gathering” are indeed different, the need remains. 

We may not be able to gather in person, but what we can do is come together as a community in support of this important tradition. This year, our Beauvoir Scholarship Benefit has a different look and feel! Like last year, we will have a virtual evening event on April 17; however, we will also have other community-building fundraising events that we hope will help connect our community while celebrating Beauvoir.  In addition, we have streamlined the experience and means of supporting the Benefit on a new website and platform, which we hope is a bit clearer, more condensed to fit your available time and less overwhelming--something we need these days.

To that end, we have combined the individual auction components into Family Packages, which offer five distinct levels of support. These packages allow families to support the auction with a single click. Rather than go into detail here, the best way to see these options it to visit the benefit site at: www.beauvoirbenefit.org

Some New and Some Familiar Events

To kick things off, we offer the Sips and Sounds I on February 18, an introduction to all things Beauvoir Benefit!  We will have jazz, trivia, and giveaways, and we will be here to help answer any questions that you might have!  The jazz will be provided by none other than our own Beauvoir Dad and Benefit Co-Chair, Marcus Johnson, who is a Billboard Jazz Top 5 artist and NAACP Image Award Honoree.

At this event, we will launch a Walkathon for our community, a fun and healthy participation challenge by Grade-Level Teams. This event will span two months during which families can walk together in the fresh air, get away from screens and raise funds for financial aid!  We will give you goals, local landmarks, and other fun ways to get out and moving. You can set up a fundraising page to share with family or friends or just walk on your own. Our goal was to create just the right level of involvement for you and your family, to get you out, walking and talking about what Beauvoir Milestones mean the most to you!

Sips and Sounds Live (March 11)
will include more world-class jazz, a crafted cocktail experience, and snacks. As part of the family sponsorship packages, this virtual event will be the hottest ticket in town.  
...and of course the season culminates with Milestones - The 2021 Scholarship Beauvoir Benefit on April 17!

Throughout our school’s history, and especially this year, our Beauvoir community has risen to meet striking challenges with agility and a bold spirit, setting markers down, establishing standards, showing the way forward. Funding financial assistance is crucial to our community and our children’s learning experience.  When we have robust financial aid available, we create learning environments where children have the skills, relationships, and teams to lead across different perspectives -- building a better world from the first milestone. 

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