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Three Remote Learning Models to Support Our Families

Beginning Monday, April 20, the schedules above will be enhanced with the addition of a choice learning experience for our families. At Beauvoir, we respect the diverse needs of our families during this uncertain time; for some, their children benefit from a routine and structured school schedule supported by teachers and other staff throughout the day, while other families prefer the freedom to create their own daily schedule, supported by the teachers. Thus, we have created three unique teaching and learning models for our families that we believe will support every child until we return to school.
  • For those families who shared that a routine-outlined schedule is challenging to follow and would prefer the option of selecting asynchronous learning modules at their leisure, we have designed an Independent Model, enabling your family to engage with asynchronous teacher-created content. Synchronous connections with teachers and classmates are still strongly encouraged and provided in this model, but there is no expectation for students to join classmates and teachers for any synchronous activities.
  • Alternatively, we have created a Guided Model (programming from 9:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M.) for those families who would like Beauvoir to suggest a schedule and structure throughout the day. This will include synchronous and asynchronous learning, scheduled teacher support during the day, help sessions, and one-to-one scheduled support. 
  • Finally, for those families who want to engage their children for longer periods of time during the day, an Opt-In Model (programming from 9:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M.) will also be provided with afternoon enrichment opportunities provided by both our specialists and ABC staff.
Whichever model your family chooses, know that you may weave in and out of these options as you determine what works best on any given day. The goal is to sustain the meaningful learning and connections that come from our teachers and decrease any level of worry and/or guilt families may be feeling at this challenging time. Our pediatricians and child psychiatrists are shouting this truth from the mountain top: “At the end of this pandemic, our children will carry many more memories about how they felt during this time at home physically distanced from friends and loved ones than what they learned during this time away.” As educators, we know this to be true and we are always here to support. 

How-To's for Remote Learning

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