Beauvoir Outdoors

Beauvoir's outdoor play space is a unique setting that supports and expands the curriculum outside of the traditional classroom. Designed to meet the play and learning needs of children from infancy through the late elementary years, Beauvoir Outdoors provides our students with the chance to foster a spirit of inquiry and a joy in learning outdoors. The final piece of our master plan, Beauvoir Outdoors is meant to transform the School's outdoor space into the best learning environment possible- a place full of wonder, discovery and learning.

Our Philosophy....
Studies show that time spent playing outdoors boosts a child's happiness, health and confidence. Young children learn through free, imaginative play, which is crucial for physical, emotional, cognitive and social development. We encourage natural curiousity and exploration in a joyful and safe environment, and provide children with numerous opportunities to gain confidence, learn new skills, improve decision-making and form strong bonds with the natural world. Children who spend time outside gain independence, self-worth and a natural sense of wonder that will serve them well in their future endeavors.

Beauvoir's playground and its structures are intended for children of diverse ages. We realize that children have different capabilities to learn, play and grow. No structure is suitable for every child and depends on their abilities. Adult supervision is required at all times. 

Use of Beauvoir Outdoors...
Beauvoir Outdoors is open to the community after school and on the weekends. On days when school or camp is not in session, the playground is open for use all day. The School's web calendar will list weekdays that the school is closed. 
Beauvoir will occasionally close the playground for school events. 

We ask visitors to kindly take out what they bring onto the playground.  Large amounts of garbage should not be thrown in the small wastebaskets.  We regret that we are unable to open the restrooms on the weekends, so please plan accordingly. 
For safety reasons, dogs are not permitted on Beauvoir's playground at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Who built the play equipment?  
Beauvoir has selected a variety of equipment suited to many ages and abilities manufactured by Richter Spielgeräte GmbH.  This choice addresses Beauvoir’s views on education, health and early childhood development.  Happily it also respects the preferences and concerns voiced by our neighbors in community meetings.  Consisting of natural materials with natural finishes, the equipment is intended to blend into the landscape which is the foreground for the Cathedral tower.  There will be no bright-colored plastic or steel structures.

Q. Are there restrooms?
A. There are no public restrooms on Beauvoir's playground

Q. Can we bring food and beverages?
Yes.  Families are welcome to bring food and drinks to the playground but please be respectful and take out everything you bring in.
Large amounts of garbage should not be thrown away on Beauvoir's playground and please check around you to be sure all garbage and food scraps have been picked up.  It's easy to forget we live in a city and we do not want rodents becoming an issue.   

Q. Can we rent the playground?
A. No.  Beauvoir's playground is not available for rental. 

Q. How do we rent the turf field?
A. Inquires about renting the turf field should go to Jose Hernandez, Beauvoir's Facilities Manager. 

Q. Where can we park?
A. After school and on the weekends, parking is plentiful on the Cathedral grounds--- please do not park in the neighborhood. 
Beauvoir Students LOVE Beauvoir Outdoors....
How We Built Beauvoir Outdoors.....
The philosophy of Beauvoir Outdoors is at the very core of the Beauvoir Summer Program. While every camp at Beauvoir takes advantage of this unique outdoor space, we offer two camps specifically designed with Beauvoir Outdoors in mind. Campers will feel like they are at a sleep-away camp as they challenge themselves on a daily basis with activities like rock climbing, hiking, fire building, team challenges, orienteering and much more, all while forming new friendships and having plenty of time for one of the most important activities any camp can offer: Just being a kid.

To learn more about Beauvoir's Summer Camp visit www.beauvoirschool.org/summer

Beauvoir Outdoors Featured in the Wall Street Journal
Our Outdoor Classroom.....
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As they begin to learn geometry basics, first graders used the new playground for an exciting math lesson!

Monet Inspired Bridges
Each year our kindergarten students study the art of Monet.  See how our art teacher Mrs. Williams integrated the playground into this year's lesson!

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