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A Coeducational School | Early Learners to Third Grade

Beauvoir 2020: Strategic Vision and Plan

Beauvoir's Strategic Vision and Plan, A Beautiful View to 2020, was published in 2016 and designed to lead the School through the next four years. Our strategic planning team’s goal was to craft a plan that would establish Beauvoir as a national leader in early childhood education and better prepare our graduates for lifelong success. 

Beauvoir is in its ninth decade serving young children and will remain young at heart, diverse and joyful. Our school is committed to its mission to “build an enduring foundation for a lifelong spirit of inquiry and joy in learning.” We align our practices, decisions and investments with our goal to be a child-centered, safe and deeply engaging learning community.

This plan is the culmination of extensive conversations and sharing of ideas amongst our community members. Parents, past parents, faculty, staff, board members, alumni, grandparents and leaders of the Cathedral Close community came together to create a framework that will guide Beauvoir in the years to come. 

List of 4 items.

  • Our First Priority: To Support Our Children

    We commit to the intentional education of young children, targeting outcomes for each Beauvoir student through a developmentally appropriate program that encourages ambitious and inspired learning.

    • Strategic Goal #1: Support and foster academic success for every student with a keen understanding of early childhood development.
    • Strategic Goal #2: Foster physical, social, spiritual and emotional health as an essential foundation for scholarly excellence and character development.
    • Strategic Goal #3: Reimagine learning spaces for optimal student experiences.

  • Our Second Priority: To Support Our Educators

    We demonstrate leadership in early childhood education through excellence in teaching, research-based pedagogy and sharing of best practices.

    • Strategic Goal #1: Refine strategy for the recruitment, orientation, development and evaluation of talent in alignment with the Beauvoir learning experience and our Core Values.
    • Strategic Goal #2: Invest in a cohesive, innovative and research-based approach to professional development in alignment with Beauvoir’s educational philosophy.

  • Our Third Priority: To Support Our Community

    As an authentic community, we are committed to a shared vision and purpose and we work together openly, honestly and creatively. We commit ourselves to service and learning with others, in partnership with our families and the Close community.

    • Strategic Goal #1: Engage in courageous conversations to foster growth, understanding and respect in our community.
    • Strategic Goal #2: Articulate with clarity and conviction how our spiritual identity is a vibrant and essential part of Beauvoir.
    • Strategic Goal #3: Strengthen communications across the School to ensure thoughtful, timely and accurate transmission of information.
    • Strategic Goal #4: Innovate and expand our approaches to family education, alumni engagement and communication with the Beauvoir community.

  • Our Final Priority: To Support Our Institution

    We strengthen our capacity as a mission-driven institution through innovative approaches to resource development and financial, environmental and programmatic sustainability.
    • Strategic Goal #1: As stewards of the School’s resources, actively manage and enhance the financial strength of Beauvoir, respecting its relationship to the larger Close community.
    • Strategic Goal #2: Assess size of school and establish clear parameters for the optimal student body.
    • Strategic Goal #3: Strengthen leadership practices and foster collaborative models to ensure success.
    • Strategic Goal #4: Align master planning with goals for learning, sustainability, stewardship and connections across the Close.

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Our Mission

At Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School, we provide an extraordinary early childhood education in a diverse community that values every individual. Beauvoir’s program encourages creative, courageous learners and builds an enduring foundation for a lifelong spirit of inquiry and joy in learning.
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