Financial Aid

Beauvoir welcomes families to apply for financial aid and is comitted to making a Beauvoir education accessible to families from a wide variety of economic backgrounds. It is our belief that a strong socioeconomic mix is an essential element of our educational philosophy and school culture. We are proud of this program, and know that all parents and children in the Beauvoir community benefit greatly from this commitment.

Grants are "need-based" only. To help determine a fair award, Beauvoir relies on the expertise of Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS). Beauvoir uses TADS' calculation as a guide in determining a family's contribution. Children currently receive grants ranging from approximately 7% to 96% of full tuition. Nearly 1.7 million dollars in grants are awarded each year.

Admissions decisions are made without regard to whether a family has submitted an application for financial aid. However, acceptance to the School does not guarantee the School's ability to meet the financial need of every candidate.

Families can begin the financial aid process for the 2017-2018 school year through TADS as early as October 2016. There are two steps to completing a financial aid application for Beauvoir for the 2017-2018 school year:

STEP 1: (Deadline January 11, 2017 for prospective families; December 27, 2016 for current Beauvoir families)
Submit an online financial aid application through TADS at www.mytads.com. Any parent, guardian, or other adult who has a financial involvement in the child’s life is expected to submit an application to TADS. Please upload the following documentation to TADS to accompany the application:
  • Completed and signed 2015 taxes, including all applicable schedules
    • Include Schedule C if self-employed
    • Include Schedule E if earning rental income
    • Include Schedule A if itemizing deductions
    • Include Schedule B for interest and dividend income
    • Include Schedule D for capital gains and losses
  • 2015 W-2s and 1099s
  • Most recent pay stubs or other proof of estimated income
STEP 2: Deadline: March 15, 2017 for both prospective and current families
Upload new tax documents to www.mytads.com, including:
  • Completed and signed 2016 taxes, including all applicable schedules (see above)
  • 2016 W-2s and 1099s
Preliminary financial aid estimates will be sent from Beauvoir in early March. Estimates are subject to change upon submission and further review of 2015 tax documents and any new information that adjusts your family’s financial picture. Confirmation of financial aid grants will be mailed in April.

Apply for Financial Aid

View TADS' worksheet to begin collecting the information you'll need to apply.
Financial Aid Timeline
Early October: TADS begins accepting online applications

December 27, 2016: Deadline for current Beauvoir families to apply for financial aid

January 11, 2017: Deadline for applicant families to apply for financial aid

Early March: Grant estimates sent

March 15, 2017: Deadline to upload new tax documents

April-May: Grants finalized and sent to new and returning families
Questions for TADS?
TADS Fax: 612-548-3326
TADS Phone: 1-800-477-8237
TADS Email: help@tads.com

Questions for Beauvoir?
Margaret Hartigan
Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

Elizabeth Yen
Associate Director of Admissions

Tavia Mullen
Assistant Director of Admissions and Financial Aid
Helpful Resources
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