Planned Giving

Planned giving is a way for donors to “leave a legacy” by impacting Beauvoir beyond their lifetime. It allows donors to make larger gifts than might otherwise be possible, and may enable them to increase their retirement incomes and receive tax advantages. The long-term nature of these gifts provides a legacy that Beauvoir can rely on in planning for current and future needs, as well as giving future generations the gift of an extraordinary education.
The Maypole Society was formed in 2002 to honor those who have provided for Beauvoir through a provision in their estate plans. By becoming a member of the Maypole Society you will help shape Beauvoir’s future and leave a lasting legacy to the School. If you would like to become a member of the Maypole Society, please notify the school that you have made a provision for Beauvoir in your estate plan. There are a variety of ways to realize the benefits of planned giving.

For further information about the Maypole Society and planned gifts, contact Felicia Smith at 202-537-6495. You should contact your own legal advisor to discuss what opportunities are suited for your needs.

The Trotter Family..Why We Made a Planned Gift
With three graduates of Beauvoir and three current Beauvoir students, our family has become deeply rooted in the Beauvoir community. We are always looking for ways that we can further support the school currently and in the future. We gladly contribute our time and energy to the school and the annual fund is a priority each year. Exploring new avenues of support, we looked at the option of planned giving to leave a legacy to the institutions for which we care deeply.

In my case, a planned gift was as easy as naming Beauvoir as the beneficiary of my insurance policy. All it took was my signature on one easy form! My current premium expense is low, but my gift will help to ensure that Beauvoir continues to carry out its mission "to nurture the spiritual, ethical, intellectual, emotional, physical and social development of our children."

The gift of a Beauvoir education reminds us that the beginning is the most important part of the work. The legacy we each can leave will help keep that gift available for future generations of Beauvoir students.

-Gayle and Joel Trotter
Current Parents