Scholarship Auction & Inaugural Soccer Highlights

The Inaugural Beauvoir Soccer Match
Did you miss the Big Game?  Something extraordinary just happened.  Yes, Beauvoir began a tradition we hope lasts for years to come.
On Saturday, May 9th, with the rain holding off, we held the first-ever Beauvoir Parents Soccer Match.
It was high-stakes, high-quality soccer, and we will never view the parent players in quite the same way again!  Sweat, tears and some great goals were all on display.
Soccer Committee Chairs Joe Weber, Kelvin Coleman and Kweku Ankoma-Sey divided the players into two teams:  Pre-K, K & 1st Grade Versus 2nd - 3rd Grade. The teams huddled, discussed tactics and swaggered onto the field to take-up their positions.
Nancy Cordes (CBS Reporter and Beauvoir Mom) provided hilarious game commentary.  Parents and partners on the sideline laughed nervously as the match began....and then something happened.  Individuals became a seamless team and unexpected talent was on display.
The game remained gentlemanly, but for ninety minutes the tackles revealed a certain ruthlessness. Every player gave it their all and not a single player left the field with an ounce of energy remaining.  In the fourth quarter, dozens of kids joined their parents on the field to finish off the game in style.  
The Result?  Pre-K-1st Grades: 3;  2-3rd Grades 0.  
Thank you so much to all 26 players - you did an incredible job.  A special thank you to Beauvoir parents Joe, Kelvin & Kweku for putting the event together.
If you missed it this year, there is always 2016.
Let the tradition begin!

Beauvoir is pleased to acknowledge and thank 'DC Soccer Supplies' as our generous event sponsors!  Please consider DC Soccer Supplies at 4839 Wisconsin Avenue (our near neighbor) for all kids and adults soccer supplies!  Or visit www.dcsoccersupplies.com.

Beauvoir's 40th Anniversary Scholarship Auction was a huge success! It was wonderful to see the community come together to plan such a tremendously successful event. Our sincere gratitude goes to Auction Co-Chairs, Mary Beth Albright, Bev King and Liz Moore as well as Auction Coordinator Tiffany Boerner.  Together with an army of volunteers, they worked tirelessly for months and poured so much energy and enthusiasm into this year's event. 

This community's strong support of the Scholarship Auction adds significant dollars for financial assistance and affirms your dedication to our shared vision of the School. Please stay tuned for updates on just how much we raised to support this wonderful effort. 

Thank you to each and every member of our community for your support over the past 40 years!
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A BIG THANK YOU TO OUR 2015 CORPORATE SPONSORS! Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities are Still Available!

For the 4th consecutive year WIMCO Villas donated a one week vacation in one of their private villas in St Barths to be given away via a raffle ticket program organized by the parent's association of the school.