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Voice for Learning: The Beauvoir Center for Teaching and Learning provides effective, evidence-based, professional development for educators Preschool through Grade 12. Founded in 2002, the Center has offered over 200 workshops and courses with over 4000 educators attending.

Our 15th Summer Institute offers a variety of learning opportunities:
  • Developing an understanding of early number sense and operation in the primary grades
  • Exploring common pitfalls and solutions for struggling and beginning writers
  • Comprehensive Orton-Gillingham Training
  • Using the Project Approach to design curriculum for young investigators
  • Diving into diversity K-5 with a developmental lens
  • Creating an effective literacy program based on Guided Reading
  • Learning how to manage stress in the classroom through mindfulness and social-emotional activities
  • Examining the issue of student and teacher resiliency and practicing techniques to promote balance and resiliency
Consider joining us this summer, on the beautiful grounds of the Washington National Cathedral in the Nation's Capital, to share ideas, make new friends, and reflect and grow as learners.