Beauvoir was given as a gift to the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation early in the last century.  The former 19th century estate then became Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School.  The legacy of this important gift profoundly impacted the lives of thousands of children and their families over the last eight decades. 

The history of generosity and voluntary giving by the Beauvoir community continues to make Beauvoir a success story, focusing all of our resources on the education of young children.  Educating a child requires more than a great faculty and curriculum.  Beauvoir relies on the support and involvement of our entire community-- including current and past parents, alumni, grandparents and friends. 

Help us plant the seeds of education for future generations!
Supporting Beauvoir
Beauvoir is dedicated to the fundamental importance of early childhood education.  Through its unique programs, Beauvoir is proud to provide our students with the opportunities and resources
they need to develop a lifelong love of learning.

The 2013-14 Annual Giving seeks to raise $747,500 in unrestricted support. Tuition dollars go a long way towards fulfilling Beauvoir's mission of educating our children, but not quite far enough.
Tax-deductible gifts to Annual Giving supplement operating costs not covered by tuition and supply additional resources which help us provide the quality early childhood education
that is a Beauvoir education.

The Scholarship Auction
is held each spring and all money raised goes directly into the Beauvoir Scholarship Fund.  This community-wide event is planned entirely by a dedicated team of parents and is supported by the School. Over the past 35 years, nearly $5 million has been raised for Scholarship entirely through the annual Auction. This event allows Beauvoir to remain accessible to every family, no matter their income.