A Culture of Generosity:
Beauvoir was given as a gift to the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation early in the last century.  The former 19th century estate then became Beauvoir, the National Cathedral Elementary School.  The legacy of this important gift profoundly impacted the lives of thousands of children and their families over the last eight decades.   

The generous spirit of Beauvoir families is truly inspiring. From reading to a class to helping in the Beauvoir Garden, the success of our community depends heavily on the presence and input of our families. 
Thank you!
We are exceptionally grateful that so many members of our community have made giving to Beauvoir a priority.  Last year 86 percent of parents contributed to Annual Giving.  With gifts from our extended community, we achieved the highest total in our history of $810,011!  Our community also enthusiastically supported the 2015 Scholarship Auction, netting $621,880 for financial aid to students.

100% Faculty and Staff Annual Giving Participation!
Already this school year, 100 percent of our faculty and staff have generously supported Beauvoir's 2015-2016 Annual Giving. Please read through this section for more on how you, too, can make a difference!
Giving to Beauvoir
Beauvoir has four sources of revenue which contribute to the annual operating budget. Tuition and fees cover about 78 percent of the cost of operating Beauvoir. The balance is made up through revenue from Auxiliary programs, endowment draw and voluntary contributions through Annual Giving. For more information, please click through the following pages in this section.
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