After Beauvoir Center (ABC)

The After Beauvoir Center (ABC) offers extended day services to all Beauvoir families. The principal goal of ABC is to provide a safe, stimulating and relaxed environment for Beauvoir children whose parents regularly require child-care services beyond the traditional school day. Click on the link in the "download" box (on the lower portion of this page) to print a copy of the ABC registration form.

Regular Enrollment
Families may enroll their children to attend ABC on a regular basis. To reserve space on an enrolled basis, complete and return this form to the Business Office. Enrollment is offered on a semester basis.

Drop-in Registration
Families may register their children to attend ABC on a drop-in basis. A one time registration fee of $25 is required in order to guarantee space for your child. To register for drop-in service, complete this form and return it to the Business Office.

Emergency Drop-in
ABC is available to families on an emergency basis, provided that space is available. If you need to use Extended Day services on an emergency basis, please send a note to the school nurse and to your child's teacher letting them know that your child should go to ABC. At the end of the school day, your child will be dismissed to the After Beauvoir Center and you will be billed the drop in rate. Any child not enrolled in ABC and not picked up by 3:30 pm will be sent to ABC. Parents will be billed at the drop-in rate.

Financial Aid
Please contact the Beauvoir Business Office at 202-537-6484 for information on the availability of financial assistance.
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After Beauvoir Center Fees
Enrolled Student Flat Rate $10.75/hr

Drop-In Student Flat Rate $13.75/hr
(A one-time fee of $25 is required to register and guarantee space.)

Late Fee (after 6pm) $2.00/minute
(Parents have a 15 minute grace period. Chronic tardiness will result in the elimination of the grace period. )