Why Beauvoir is Special

As students in one of the three schools of the Protestant Episcopal Cathedral Foundation, Beauvoir’s children share in the rich life of the Washington National Cathedral community. On the sixty-acre Cathedral Close, children can be seen exploring the Cathedral’s vast resources and beauty…identifying herbs in the Bishop’s Garden…touring the bell tower high above Washington…looking for the moon rock in the space window, and participating in joyful chapel services. The Cathedral’s mission as “a house of prayer for all people” informs Beauvoir’s view of life and learning that values differences, recognizes commonality, respects all faiths and cultures and appreciates the complexity of the world in which we all live.

Beauvoir is a Pre-Kindergarten through 3rd grade elementary school with exclusive focus on the early childhood and early elementary years. All curricular goals, projects and community decisions, as well as the scale of the classrooms and Beauvoir Outdoors, are designed specifically for children under the age of ten. All resources are allocated to these pivotal early grades. Beauvoir is French for "beautiful view" and we believe that the most effective education is the education that occurs when children are engaged, excited and motivated by a "beautiful view" of learning. For children to make the most of their education, they should be in an elementary school that values them, knows how to challenge and nurture them, and encourages their self-worth and sense of responsibility.

Beauvoir opened its new learning and play space during the 2012-2013 school year. Designed to meet the play and learning needs of children from infancy through the late elementary years, Beauvoir Outdoors provides students with the chance to foster a spirit of inquiry and a joy in learning outside their traditional classrooms. It is meant to transform the School's outdoor space into the best learning environment possible -- a place full of wonder, discovery and learning. Learn more about Beauvoir Outdoors.


From January to March of each year, all Beauvoir students engage in integrated explorations of countries from one of the following geographical areas: Africa, Latin America, Asia, Europe and North America. By the time children are in the third grade, and having studied all five of the regions, they graduate with an understanding and appreciation of people and cultures from all around the world. Learn more about Global Studies.

Beauvoir's social curriculum revolving around the four Life Rules of Respect, Responsibility, Honesty and Kindness is as important as its academic curriculum. The Life Rules are reinforced in daily class discussions and reflected in all-school community meetings, assemblies and regular chapel programs. Values are discussed with parents at workshops and actively shared through school-wide community service projects, chapel and classroom activities.

Beauvoir's community extends beyond the classroom walls. Parents are an essential part of the school and their active involvement helps maintain a climate of trust and openness. At Beauvoir, parents are present daily, walking children into class if they'd like, spending time in the library and volunteering. Beauvoir's community is comprised of students, teachers, parents, grandparents, alumni, administrators and staff who embody the school's mission by fostering a spirit of inquiry and a joy in learning.

Beauvoir teachers are leaders and innovators in the world of early childhood and elementary education. They see students as individuals having vast potential and distinctive talents, and they design the curriculum with the strength of this belief in mind. At Beauvoir, themes and topics are integrated across different curricular areas and teachers strive to present new ideas that build on concepts familiar to students, while encouraging them to stretch their educational experiences.

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